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small-group training . nutrition coaching . 1-on-1 goal setting

The 8 Week Challenge is an all-inclusive fitness, nutrition and wellness program designed for athletes of all abilities. The challenge begins with a one-on-one planning session and full-body assessment to help you define your goals. Throughout the course of the challenge enjoy three weekly small-group total-body classes, personalized weekly at-home workouts and meal plans, as well as helpful mindfulness practices. Our coaches provide individual check-ins every week to help you track your progress and celebrate growth at every stage.








Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, we welcome individuals of all levels. Our professional trainers also have experience working with individuals who have had past injuries, Type I Diabetes, and other medical needs.

The 8 Week Challenge Includes


✔ 3 or more Small-Group Total-Body Workouts a Week

✔ 1-on-1 Goal Setting + Nutrition Coaching* + Coach-Athlete Weekly Check-Ins

✔ Full-Body Assessment

✔ Personalized Meal Plans, Recipes & Grocery Lists Based on Caloric Needs and Goals (vegetarian/vegan friendly)

✔ Mindful Practices + Motivational Group Chat (or Online Community Support)

✔ Professional Certified Trainers

✔ Great for ALL Ages & Abilities // Workouts Modifiable

✔ Prize for Top Transformation

✔ Results


*Our individual nutrition package (usually retailing at $275) is included in the 8 week challenge! Click here for more information about nutrition coaching.

*Promo: If you join with a buddy/partner you BOTH receive $50 off your registration fee!

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