Thrive at Get Fit Davis Owner and Coach Earns Nationally Recognized Eat to Perform Nutrition Certification

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Thrive at Get Fit Davis Coach and Owner, Amy Spence, has earned the Eat to Perform Nutrition Certification and is now an Eat to Perform Nutrition Certified Advisor.

 Eating to fuel your body and increase performance are key ingredients to whole-body health. You are unique and your body composition goals are too—whether burning fat, building lean muscle mass, eating smarter, or all of the above!

 Thrive provides women a simple, balanced approach to nutrition. Meal plans, corresponding recipes, and Thrive’s ‘favorite foods’ list are delivered to her inbox weekly.

 Thrive’s effective, sustainable nutrition plans: 

  • Provide an appropriate amount of calories based upon a woman’s unique body composition, activity level, and personal goals.

  • Fit into her lifestyle.

  • Emphasize energy-dense whole foods in order to maintain proper energy balance.

  • Provide a balanced approach to the three macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fat.

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Thrive coaches are lifelong learners in the pursuit of providing the highest quality women's program in Davis and surrounding communities. From small-group workouts to personalized meal plans to mindful practices, we are much more than just a good workout.

 Thrive can help you reach your goals. Let Thrive help you uncover your personal balance with fitness, food and well-being. Give Thrive a try!

Eat to Perform (ETP) is a national organization committed to a research-based, sustainable and positive approach to food and fitness. The ETP Nutrition Certification Course combines nutritional best practices with proven training methodologies to build athletic performance, lean muscle mass, and strength without undue stress on the body. The course prepares certified advisors with the knowledge and practical experience to help their clients set goals and achieve results.

Alison Yule