Thrive at Get Fit Davis to Launch Thrive Always

A New Whole-Body Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Program for Active Aging

Thrive, the popular women’s whole-body program at Get Fit Davis and Get Fit Davis Sport, will launch Thrive Always, the new Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Program for Active Aging, on Monday, July 10, located at Get Fit Davis Sport. Thrive Always is a total-body approach to aging well. This holistic program is for women and men aged 55 and over and features:

  • Fitness focused on Strength & Resistance Training, Core, Balance, Flexibility and Recovery.

  • Nutrient-dense foods to fuel an active lifestyle.

  • Wellness activities to rest, energize, and feel better.

Thrive’s simple, sustainable approach includes:

  • 1-on-1 goal setting + full-body assessment

  • 3 weekly small-group total-body workouts (learn correct form & proper technique)

  • Weekly tips and recipes featuring nutrient-dense foods to keep your body strong, mind sharp, and energy levels high

  • Mindful practices

  • Weekly coach-athlete check-ins

 Our program philosophy, “Move well. Feel well. Live well,” will support individuals new to fitness looking to add strength and resistance training to their current workout routine, to seasoned athletes looking to progress to the next level.

Thrive Always will kick off its inaugural 8-week session on Monday, July 10. Classes will be offered on M/W at 7 a.m. & Sat at 8 a.m. or T/Th at 5:30 p.m. & Sat at 8 a.m. Thrive Always is open to the public. The cost for Get Fit Davis and Get Fit Davis Sport members is $300 and $350 for non-members. Drop-ins are $20 per class and the first class is always free.

 Program registration is now open at Get Fit Davis and Get Fit Davis Sport. Thrive Always is brought to you by an elite team of fitness, nutrition, and medical professionals.

Coach and owner Amy Spence created and launched Thrive over two years ago to help women of all ages and abilities realize and achieve their fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals. After witnessing women’s life-changing journeys through Thrive and listening to the needs of community members, Thrive Always was born. “Every week our coaching staff receives questions about how to begin strength training, how to progress one’s current programming, or how to eat right to live well amid aging challenges such as decreased core strength, balance, bone density, and metabolic function,” says Spence. “Thrive Always is the answer to not just combating these challenges, but thriving in our 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.”

Alison Yule