Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Thrive’s new location?

Thrive’s new location is at 2860 W. Covell Boulevard, just before the corner of Lake Boulevard.



When will the move happen?

We are aiming for a move-in date in mid June. When we have final news on construction we will announce our official move-in date on social media, email and our website. Stay tuned!



Will my membership rate increase?

Don’t worry! All current Thrive members have the opportunity to lock in their pre-move rates and keep their ongoing memberships. All you have to do is fill out a member agreement form for our new location.



How will my payment be collected?

Beginning May 1, your payment will go directly to Thrive - no middle man! If you have a monthly membership, it will remain active and your billing statement will come from Thrive instead of Get Fit. Click here to download the new membership payment form.



What will the flooring be in the Thrive studio?

Thrive will have brand-new gym flooring composed of a shock-absorbent rubber surface and cushioned underlayment below the rubber surface.



Will there be showers?

The studio has two separate individual bathrooms with room to change.

There are no showers due to space limitations, however, amenities will be provided for sprucing up after a workout!



What’s the difference between Thrive and Power10?

Thrive and Power 10 are two separate studios. Amy owns Thrive and decided to launch a new fitness studio concept with another small local business owner, Shelli Ramos.

Although Thrive and Power10 share studio space, Power10 classes have separate classes and sign-up processes.



What are Thrive classes and Power10 classes like?

Thrive classes are small, ranging between 2-12 athletes. Thrive focuses on personalized training in a small-group setting. Modifications can be made on the spot and as needed for individual athletes. Focus on proper form and technique is key.

Power10 classes are group training up to 20 athletes. Modifications are available, however, one-on-one instruction will be more limited due to class size and pace of class. All athletes will learn how to row using good form and technique.



How are Thrive and Power10 workouts different?

Thrive and Power10 workouts complement each other. One does not replace the other. Think of Thrive and Power10 workouts combined as the perfect match: strength + cardio.

Thrive’s women and beginner workouts are focused on strength & resistance training with a secondary emphasis on cardio conditioning & HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Power10’s workouts are focused on cardio conditioning & HIIT with a secondary emphasis on strength & resistance training. Power10 is an excellent cardio workout to do in between your Thrive strength & conditioning workouts...whether you’re looking to burn extra calories or keep moving between Thrive workouts!