The Benefits of Personal Training at a Fraction of the Cost

the opportunity to learn the best exercises for YOU & your goals

Our small group training sessions are a fun and affordable way to get the benefits of individual training in a team environment. With smaller class sizes than our competitors, we’re able to offer personalized attention to each and every athlete. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you're guaranteed to get a challenging workout that fits your individual needs and ability level. Bring a friend or join our small group class prepared to make a few new ones. You'll be smiling, laughing and achieving fitness goals together.





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All classes are limited to 2-12 participants to allow personal attention to your needs. Enjoy dynamic Strength & Conditioning exercises, daily motivation, total accountability, a connected community and straight up FUN!




Thrive WOMEN

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Thrive Women Class

Our popular signature class is specifically designed for women of all ages and abilities.

We focus on strength and resistance training exercises coupled with high intensity conditioning to burn through fat and build lean muscle mass. Our workout programming includes circuits, HIIT, AMRAP, supersets, EMOM, and Tabata to name a few.

Learn correct form and proper technique the first time. Our professional trainers teach and differentiate the concepts of proper warm-up, pre-hab/mobility, strength and skill, metabolic training, and cool-down exercises. PLUS, our personalized workouts meet you exactly where you’re at. We can regress or progress any exercise as needed...on the spot.


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Thrive Beginner Class

Whether you’re new to strength training, rehabilitating from an injury, returning after time away, or just want to strengthen to make your daily activities easier or even possible—then Thrive’s Low Impact Beginner Class is for YOU!

Join us for dynamic movements, full-body strength training, aerobic conditioning, core and balance exercises, muscular flexibility, and joint mobility for all ages and abilities.

This class combines strength training with a low impact approach to combat past injuries, weak bones, back and joint pain, decreased balance, and other related issues. Our focus on proper biomechanics reduces compensation, corrects muscle imbalance, and reduces the likelihood of injury.




Start Thriving!