A Simple, Balanced Approach to Nutrition

Personalized plans and ongoing support

Thrive offers personalized nutrition coaching and accountability through our certified health coaches. Together we’ll create a new lifestyle with food that works for YOU—and gets results! We believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition. Your Thrive plan is tailored to your individual needs, preferences and lifestyle.

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Get started today with your initial 1-on-1 consultation. Based on your input, your health coach will develop a personalized plan that supports your goals. You’ll have the option of continued accountability where your coach will communicate with you regularly, checking in on your progress, and providing practical advice on how to stay on track.

Here are just some of the topics we address with our clients:

✔ Learn what your total daily calorie needs are versus your total daily energy expenditure.

✔ Find out how to track your macros.

✔ Discover what foods work for you—and against you.

✔ Adopt healthy habits versus fads or quick fixes.

✔ Work with your coach to outline your favorite meals and learn how to prepare them for each day.

Let us help you create a simple, sustainable approach to nutrition that works for you!

Thrive Gets Results

Worried about how to stay on track through a vacation? Your coach will talk you through it. Worried about that work luncheon where none of the options seem to fit your plan? Your coach will tell you what to do. Constantly have to feed all of the picky eaters in your house and worried they may not like your new healthy food? Your coach will show you how to make healthy food that pleases everyone! Furthermore, once you reach your goals, you’ve now developed a lifestyle that allows you to maintain all of your progress!

Personal Nutrition Coaching

Initial Consultation - $169

1 hour consultation

Includes: survey, food log, analysis review & follow-up

30 min coaching session + ONGOING ACCOUNTABILITY - $50

1 month, 1/week package $185

3 months, 1/week package $550

Pantry Clean Out + Swaps List - $220

2 hour consultation

Grocery Store Session - $150

1 hour consultation

+ Swaps list

+ Access Online Library

In Home Cooking - $350

3 hours

+ 3 full meals

Meet Your Nutrition Coaches


Amy Spence

“All things in moderation.”

Health & fitness coaching, meeting you exactly where you're at with macros + meal prep, and simple, family-friendly recipes.


Nikki Corbett

Lifestyle coaching; helping you find what works for you.

Quick and easy meals to cook at home.

Specializing in gluten & dairy-free.


Kristine Wise

Healthy & delicious eating (without eliminating food groups).

Eating to prevent chronic illness.
Meal prep and recipe help.

Start Thriving