Reach Your Fitness Goals With The Best Personal Training in Davis!

Brand new private personal training studio


Our Thrive Training Studio is a BRAND-NEW state-of-the-art private personal training studio fully equipped with cables, free weights, accessories, cardio equipment, and more! Your trainer will help you attain and maintain the best body of your life! Personal Training sessions are focused, 1-on-1 time spent solely on getting you the results you want.

This is not your typical “gym” with members coming and going therefore no crowds to contend with—it’s like having your own private gym! Furthermore, you get a personal trainer working just for YOU.

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Whether you are beginning to exercise for the first time, or trying to break through a plateau, personal fitness training sessions will give you the 1-on-1 individualized results you are looking for! It’s time to make an investment in yourself and do something for YOU.



Personal Training includes:

  • Sessions created by the Trainer specifically for client(s) in the group.

  • Workouts are targeted and progressive. They incorporate what YOU want: Core/Posture, Resistance (weight) training, Cardiovascular Endurance, Balance/Stability, and whatever else it takes to reach your goals!

  • Set scheduling!  Client(s) gets to choose specific days and times that work for them and their trainer.

  • Train by yourself or with a friend or two. Group pricing available!

Do you have 1 or more friends you would like to personal train with? Let us know. We offer personal training for groups of 2, 3, and 4+ at a reduced rate per person.



Pay per session: $75 per 50-minute session

5-pack: five 60-minute sessions for only $350

10-pack: ten 60-minute sessions for only $700

2-on-1: $110/hr ($55 each)

3-on-1: $135/hr ($45 each)

4 or more: $35/hr per person


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